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09:38pm 04/10/2005
  Hey is anybody there? Terriermon wants to meet up with you guys. Dai, Takeru, Ken? Is anyone out there? !.!  
08:36pm 16/05/2005
  hi everyone! ^_^ i am come to japan in a few days just to let you know, but i also am come over through via digiworld and sleeping over at dai's, so okay see ya later, got homework to finish up on. Bye  
07:59pm 11/05/2005
  Its getting kind of crappy just sitting all alone again. Terriermon and Lopmon are even getting kind of depressed. I hardly speak to anyone anymore, so I guess I'm alone in the world once more.  
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A bad dream(intro)   
01:13pm 14/04/2005
  Willis woke from a restless sleep. Terriermon was still sleeping. "That dream again!" Willis complained. Terriermon rolls over slightly and mumbles. "Can I have some Ice cream please? I am so hungry!" Terriermon mumbled, as Willis sat up slowly. So that he didn't disturb his digimon partners rest. Willis looked around the room and spoted Lopmon standing by the window. She was watching the cars drive by. "You should be sleeping Willis." Lopmon whispered to her partner, also to not disturb her brother digimon. "I know, but I just... keep having this weird dream! Willis replied. "What so weird about a dream?" asked a now awake, but still tired Terriermon. "Well..." started Willis before he told his partners about his dream. "I've been dreaming that I never met Daisuke or any of the Digidestined." said Willis. "So, all it is,is a dream that is showing you the alternate reality Willis. I know it may seem weird, but I assure you it is just a dream." said Lopmon. " Yeah, I know... but it seems so real Willis replied as he layed back down. "I know, dreams can be that way sometimes... even if you have that explained to you a thousand times." said Terriermon. He was back to laying down also. "Yes,(yawn) it can seem that way." said a tired Lopmon. Both digimon layed down in Willis's arms and fell asleep, but Willis didn't fall asleep as fast as they did. "I know its just a dream, but... when I wake up... why do I feel so alone everytime?" Willis whispers as he too gradually falls asleep, but not before looking at a picture of him and Daisuke with an arm around one anothers shoulder and laughing like lunatics.